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TPM & TPMA High Torque
Rotary Servo Actuators

The servo actuator TPM/TPMA is characterised by compact design and highest dynamic.

TPM / TPMA overview
  • up to 60% shorter overall length and much lower weight than conventional servomotor-gearhead designs
  • higher acceleration rates for quicker cycle times
  • high stiffness and low inertia
  • eliminate need for flanges and couplings - utilizes large dual tapered roller bearings, eliminating the need for additional support bearings in the customer's application
  • can be operated with most brushless servo controllers on the market
  • low torque ripple for extremely smooth operation
  • high positioning accuracy with < 3 arcminutes of backlash standard; reduced backlash version < 1 arcminute
  • maintenance free
  • TPM - available in 5 models,
    providing 40- 1600 Nm acceleration torque and 50- 330 rpm speed
  • TPMA - available in 3 models,
    providing 480-2600 Nm acceleration torque
    and 20- 55 rpm speed
  • backlash standard < 3 arcmin;
    reduced < 1 arcmin
  • efficiency > 93%
  • standard version with resolver
  • mechanical holding brake
  • single- or multi-turn absolute encoder
  • temperature sensor PTC, NTC, KTY
  • ready made cables for power and signal
  • UL approbation
  • straight plug connections

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