Linear systems – 3 components = 1 perfect system

Core competencies united in a truly unique system

Thirty years experience in the areas of transmission systems, gearing technology and the design and sizing of complete powertrains have gone into the development of WITTENSTEIN alpha's new rack-and-pinion systems.
The outcome: rack-and-pinion systems that redefine the market standards for feeding forces, power density and rigidity.

Explosion of new opportunities
The optimal interaction of the individual components in our linear system permits an optimal power yield. Maximizing the benefit for users is a top priority at all times – by providing opportunities for downsizing and hence lower costs, with the complete powertrain sized by WITTENSTEIN alpha based on the information supplied by the customer and combined with maximum degrees of design freedom.

Innovative performance for the future
Bring out the maximum performance. Leverage downsizing potential. Achieve more. Stay one step ahead. For more information about our linear system, see our special rack-and-pinion website:

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