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Products built by WITTENSTEIN alpha are employed wherever systems and parts have to be driven and controlled with utmost precision. WITTENSTEIN alpha sets benchmarks worldwide in the machine building and drive technology sectors.

High-precision planetary gearheads and complete electromechanical drive systems to name but a few, are developed, produced and marketed by around 1,900 employees worldwide. more

30 years of WITTENSTEIN alpha

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WITTENSTEIN alpha Gesamtkatalog
30 years of WITTENSTEIN alpha
WITTENSTEIN alpha Gasemtkatalog
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From October 6 to 9, 2014 the WITTENSTEIN Group will be represented at the MOTEK trade fair (Hall 9, Stand... more

The new Product Catalog 2014/2015 is now available both onlineand in printed form on request.... more

The company WITTENSTEIN alpha introduced a lot of innovations on the market in the last 30 years.... more

Dr. Bernd Schimpf took over as General Manager of WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH with effect from April 1, 2014. He... more

Precisely the right angle – servo right-angle gearheads as powerful performance drivers

Optimal system solutions comprised of a gearhead, pinion and rack – all from one source!

Maximum quality, reliability, power density and precision – for almost any application

For drive sizing, drive component configuration and CAD data downloads